Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone.  Halloween has always been a big deal in my family since my mom was born on Halloween.  We love to celebrate mom’s birthday and then go trick-or-treating. I made a velvet chocolate cake with marshmallow butter cream frosting for her birthday dessert.  It will be a full day of Halloween fun.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween too.  Here are some pictures of my Tallulah all dressed up in her monarch butterfly Halloween costume for tonight.


Tallulah’s Halloween Picture

Here is a quick picture of Tallulah in her Halloween costume. It is my Anniversary today and there is lots of Halloween fun going on this weekend. I will post more pictures after the weekend.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Olivia’s Halloween Pictures

This is the first year I decided to make my daughter’s costumes.  Olivia wanted to be a peacock and Sophia wanted to be a bumble bee.  I did some research and decided to make the tutu’s for their costumes.  I love how they came out.

Last night was trunk or treat so the girls got to get all dressed up early for Halloween this year.  Here are some pictures of Olivia all dressed up last night.  Erin, my sister, did all of Olivia’s makeup for the party.  Olivia was so excited with her completed costume.

I will post Sophia’s pictures tomorrow in her cute bumble bee costume.

Baby Mia

I had such a wonderful time taking sweet baby Mia’s photos.  I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from her shoot. I definitely want to thank her mom and dad for letting me practice my newborn photography skills with her.

And for the last one………a precious baby smile.

More Pumpkin Patch

I am gearing up for a busy week of Halloween fun.  I am finishing up my three girlies Halloween costumes this morning.  They will be a monarch butterfly, bumble bee, and a peacock.  There will definitely be pictures posted soon. I also have to get into the kitchen and start baking for all of the Halloween parties.  Whew……better get going haha.

Until next time here are some more pumpkin patch photos to get everyone into the fall spirit.

I am back and with a new blog

As many of you close to me know I have been working on my photography for years.  I took a time out to bring my beautiful third daughter, Tallulah Blue, into the world and enjoy those first few precious months with her.  I have been capturing my own lovely babes with my lens the whole time and sneaking in a few photo shoots of some other sweet babies.

I am now ready to branch out and make this my business full time.  I am excited to take my photography to a new level and share my talents with families who want to capture those precious moments of their own.

Tallulah is now letting me have some time on my own to reorganize my blog and bring it back to life.  I have also been working on my website and many other exciting things.  Getting this blog rolling is just the first step for me to start getting my business moving into full gear.  I will revisit some of my photo shoots over the past year as well to bring me up to date.