My Sophia is 5 Years Old Today

Time is going by so fast.  Enjoy the little moments.  Snuggle your babies tight every day.  Need I go on?  I am just a little sentimental today because my darling little girl Sophia actually turned 5 years old today.  It seems like just yesterday……  She is quite the sassy and stubborn little girl now and she won’t even tell us what she wants to do today for her birthday.  She is too excited for her big birthday party this weekend.

She was cute last night asking me at what time exactly she will be 5 years old.  Mind you I know this means she would be up at the crack of dawn if I told her any other time than at 7 am, when it is time to get up for school.  I need my sleep, I have a busy week ahead of me planning this party.  It will be a vintage, shabby chic party with classic children’s games.  My Sophia is an old soul at heart and I think this party will fit her perfectly.  My mom, sis, and I are hand making the decorations, food, cake, cupcakes, and custom party crowns for all of the children at the party.  There will be plenty of pictures to share next week.

Until then here is a picture of the ice cream cone cupcakes I made for her class today at school.  Sophia is very excited to show them to her friends this morning.  Now I am off to wake up my birthday girl, make her birthday chocolate chip pancakes, and get her to school with her cupcakes.


A Beautiful Afternoon In Ormond Beach With Laura, Joey, & Angelo

A week ago I met with Laura, Joey, and Angelo for pictures on the river in Ormond Beach, Florida.  It was another gorgeous Florida afternoon with a cool breeze coming off of the water.  I was excited to capture them at this moment in time just before they welcome baby Emma into their lives.

I wish I had pressed myself to take more pictures when I was pregnant this last time.  It was such a whirlwind of emotions, nausea, and time in the last month of my pregnancy. Trust me, I remember feeling exhausted and overwhelmed in that last month of each of my girls.  It is very easy to just let it pass and not worry about recording those moments on camera, but it is also the last moments that you are a family as you know it.  So quickly everything changes , you welcome your little one, and you can’t even remember how you were a family before they arrived.

I had such a fun time with this family.  Once Angelo warmed up to the camera and I took a few pictures of his toy motorcycle he was all smiles.  I hope they enjoy the story I captured for them.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Once again I will give my disclaimer that this blog does load the pictures as clear as they truly are.  If you click on a picture you will get a better, yet not perfect, representation of the photograph.  Soon, very soon, I hope to upgrade.

Valentine Mini Sessions Special

Guess what?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  It is the perfect time to get cute pictures of your loved ones.  Holiday pictures are not just meant for Christmas in our household.  I have always tried to come up with fun ideas for my girls at every holiday.  This year I would like to share with you.

This year I am going to offer Valentine Mini Photo Sessions at a discounted rate of $45.00 for up to 3 children.  These mini sessions will include a half an hour to 45 minutes of photography time, a cd with 10-15 edited full resolution images, and facebook images.  I will have props, but also feel free to get creative and bring some fun ideas of your own.  Contact me at to set up a time.

I rounded up my girls for their Valentine’s mini session this afternoon.  I love how they turned out.  Talullah is in the classic Valentine colors of pink and red.  For Sophia I wanted to capture her sweetness and went with oranges and teal.  Liv is getting older and I wanted her pictures to show fun, trendy colors that you typically wouldn’t think of in a Valentine’s photo shoot.  Let me know what you think.  Once again for some reason I can’t get my pictures to come out sharp and clear on the main blog page.  If you click on a picture it will link to a better quality picture.  I look forward to upgrading my blog soon.

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

You might crave some cake after this post.

Back in September at my daughter’s birthday party, my niece Madison requested that I make a sweet 16 birthday cake for her.  It was her sweet 16 birthday party this past weekend and I was so excited to get baking and make this cake.  I wanted to do a cake that was inspired by her pink homecoming dress with all of the rosettes on it.  It took two days to get the cake done with all of the baby Tallulah interruptions, but it came out just how I wanted it to.  I made a 5 layer vanilla cake with each layer a different color.  I went with pretty pastel colors in lavender, pink, pinky peach, light peach, and then white.  I used a butter cream frosting and started with large rosettes at the bottom of the cake and gradually made them smaller.  I topped the cake with large rosettes and then made a handmade cake topper with Madison’s name spelled out in flags.  Here are the pictures of the finished cake.

2 + 1 on the way = Love

I was so happy that Misty wanted to get pictures done with her husband Jason before they had to head back to Switzerland.  We met up on a beautiful, warm afternoon at Central Park in Winter Park, Florida.  It was a very busy day in the park, but with Misty and Jason it was like they were the only couple there.  They are very excited to welcome their baby boy into the world.  I am so glad I could document this fun time before their baby boy arrives in the Spring.  It is just too bad they will be half way around the world when he is born, because I would have loved to take his newborn pictures.

Misty and Jason a maternity family session in Winter Park FloridaMisty and Jason a maternity family photography session in Winter Park FloridaA family maternity session in black and white in Central Florida by Tara Merkler Photography

Baby Amelia

I want to share some of my favorite pictures I was able to take of my newborn niece Amelia when she was born in 2011.  She was born before I had my business up and running, but I was already practicing.  She was teeny tiny and only weighed just under 5 pounds.  She has grown so much since then it is hard to believe she was once that itty bitty.