Heather and Mallory – Spring in the Gardens

I was excited to meet Heather and Mallory in the azalea gardens for their Spring mini session with me.  Sweet Mallory was only 10 weeks old and super adorable in her little pink smocked dress.  I had just upcycled a small wooden bench a few days before and couldn’t wait to use it for this session.  The bench was originally a not so attractive brick red that I happily painted a beautiful vintage cream white color.  The bench looks so much better in a vintage white than the horrid brick red.  Don’t get me wrong, I love red.  Any shade of red really except brick red.

Here are my favorites from my session with Heather and Mallory.  I love how sweet and pretty this session turned out.


Makenzie and Zach – An Afternoon In The Park

I had a great time photographing Makenzie and Zach last week.  We had to worry all day about the weather and if it would rain or not.  We decided to go for it and of course it rained the second I pulled into the park.  Luckily it moved on quickly like typical Central Florida weather and we were able to get our session in.  Here are a few of my favorites from the session.

My Living Room Wall Is Finished!

I finally finished my black and white photo gallery on my living room wall.  This was no easy task and I seriously dwelled on what photos to put in the big frames.  We have been in the new house for over 6 months and it was time to bite the bullet and just pick them.  The problem is that I love them all.  Each picture I take of my family has a memory, story, or special moment caught in them.  It was very hard to narrow them down into 58 frames, haha.  But seriously it was for me.  I signed up for an account with a professional lab so I had them print up my large prints for me and they arrived today.  I couldn’t get them in the frames fast enough.  Once I made the decision and ordered the prints those 5 frames that were left were hanging up there naked needed to be filled as soon as possible.  I must say it feels good to finally have that project complete.  One of many for sure….

I have been collecting black frames for quite some time.  When I saw a clearance sale, dinged up ones even can be fixed with a sharpie gasp, I snatched them up.  I also scooped up a lot of them at IKEA at a great sale they had on the matted frames.  The two largest frames were a fantastic deal, but didn’t come with the mats.  I just ordered the size mats I wanted on Amazon.

Once I had all the frames I wanted to use I laid them all on the floor and set to work mapping them out.  Once I did I snapped pictures with my Iphone for future reference.  Then I measured the exact measurements around the outside of all the frames on the floor as a group.  I then used painters tape and put the tape on the outside edges of the rectangle onto the  wall.  Once I had the tape up I used my Iphone and set to work hanging the pictures up based on my floor photos I snapped.  When all of the frames were up I just had to peel off the painters tape and it was done!  Well all except the 5 empty frames that have been hanging up there on the wall for 6 months…

Here is the finished product!  Now can anyone tell me how to keep all of these frames straight?  I even have rubber stoppers on the corners and they still move every time one of my girls shuts their bedroom doors on the other side of the wall.

Baby bums, little piggies, and chubby baby rolls….Tallulah Blue is 11 Months Old

I can not believe that my Tallulah Blue is 11 months old today.  I really need to step up my birthday plans for her I guess.  I really need to kick it into high gear and choose her 1st birthday theme.  I am torn between two different ideas, but need to make a final decision.  You will just have to wait and see.  I just love how these pictures capture her every essence right now.  Her chubby baby rolls, happy smile, clapping, and crossed feet whenever she sits.

This past week has been quite a rough week.  My husband was in a pretty serious car accident on his way to work last week.  He was hit by an 18 wheeler on the highway and hit both walls.  He called me right after the accident and couldn’t tell me anything except he was in an accident with an 18 wheeler.  He was very dazed and confused and couldn’t even tell me where he was hurt.  It was the longest 46 min. of my life rushing to the accident to see him, trying to keep calm, and praying he was okay.  I thank God that his car held up where he was sitting and he literally walked out of the hospital that day.  It will be a long road of recovery for him though.  No one walks away from an accident like that without some healing ahead of them.  I had to stop and take these pictures of my baby girl and remember a some very good things about this week.  My husband is going to be okay, we are still a family, and baby girl is 11 months old.  She is about to start walking, she says ma ma, da da, dog dog, and all kinds of baby gibberish, and she is an eating fool.

I have a very busy week ahead so look forward to more blog posts coming down the pipeline.

Offering a 10% Discount for Referrals in 2012

I am going to offer a 10% discount for referrals for the remainder of 2012.  In order to receive the discount the referral must be a completed and paid session.  You will also be able to combine your referrals.  For each referral you send my way you will receive the 10% off accumulating up to a total of 100% off a session for 10 paid referrals.  Help spread the word about Tara Merkler Photography by sharing my business page on Facebook and sharing my blog.

Spring Mini Sessions 2012

I am happy to announce that I will be offering Spring mini sessions.  I will be offering these mini sessions on two dates this month.  The dates will be March 23rd and 24th.  I will have just a few time slots on each of these days.  My sweet Tallulah doesn’t let me go far for too long.  The pricing for these mini sessions is just $45.00.  The mini sessions will be for 40 minutes long and they will come with 10 fully edited images on a CD with copyright release for up to 5 people.

The first date, Friday March 23rd, will be located at a beautiful garden in Orlando. The pictures below were taken at the garden this week.   I will be taking appointments from 2pm through 5pm.

The second date will be Saturday March 24th at the same garden in Orlando.  I will take appointments from 8am until 11am.  The exact location will be given once you have booked a time slot.

I now have messaging on my Facebook.  You can contact me there or you can contact me at taramerklerphotography@gmail.com

Beautiful Black and White

This is my entry into the monthly I Heart Faces photo challenge.  This month is called beautiful black and white. I love black and white pictures so much.  I must since I have an entire wall in my living room as a black and white gallery.  I was definitely excited to enter the I Heart Faces challenge for the first time with this picture.  I took this picture of Sophia yesterday in the most beautiful garden in her new Easter dress.

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Photo Challenge Submission