My Living Room Wall Is Finished!

I finally finished my black and white photo gallery on my living room wall.  This was no easy task and I seriously dwelled on what photos to put in the big frames.  We have been in the new house for over 6 months and it was time to bite the bullet and just pick them.  The problem is that I love them all.  Each picture I take of my family has a memory, story, or special moment caught in them.  It was very hard to narrow them down into 58 frames, haha.  But seriously it was for me.  I signed up for an account with a professional lab so I had them print up my large prints for me and they arrived today.  I couldn’t get them in the frames fast enough.  Once I made the decision and ordered the prints those 5 frames that were left were hanging up there naked needed to be filled as soon as possible.  I must say it feels good to finally have that project complete.  One of many for sure….

I have been collecting black frames for quite some time.  When I saw a clearance sale, dinged up ones even can be fixed with a sharpie gasp, I snatched them up.  I also scooped up a lot of them at IKEA at a great sale they had on the matted frames.  The two largest frames were a fantastic deal, but didn’t come with the mats.  I just ordered the size mats I wanted on Amazon.

Once I had all the frames I wanted to use I laid them all on the floor and set to work mapping them out.  Once I did I snapped pictures with my Iphone for future reference.  Then I measured the exact measurements around the outside of all the frames on the floor as a group.  I then used painters tape and put the tape on the outside edges of the rectangle onto the  wall.  Once I had the tape up I used my Iphone and set to work hanging the pictures up based on my floor photos I snapped.  When all of the frames were up I just had to peel off the painters tape and it was done!  Well all except the 5 empty frames that have been hanging up there on the wall for 6 months…

Here is the finished product!  Now can anyone tell me how to keep all of these frames straight?  I even have rubber stoppers on the corners and they still move every time one of my girls shuts their bedroom doors on the other side of the wall.


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