Summer Is Right Around The Corner

The countdown has begun in our house.  Summer is officially a week away!  My girls are getting so excited and anxious.  Luckily both of their schools have a ton of fun things planned over the next few days to keep the little ones busy and happy.  Circus day, pajama day, bubbles day, field day, and ice cream days ahead at school.  It is so hard to believe my Sophia having her Pre-k graduation next Wednesday!

Last summer flew by.  I had a newborn, we were building and moving into a new house, and I was still recovering from a rough c-section.  We didn’t do much at all except pack, snuggle and love Tallulah, sleep when we could, and unpack.  It was a whirlwind.  I would never advise anyone to move with a newborn.  What were we thinking!

Now this year I am planning a fun filled, exciting, and fantastic summer for my girls.  Tallulah is full of one year old wonder and fascination now.  She is an exploring, running, ball of energy and wants to keep up with her sisters.  Olivia and Sophia are equally energetic and need a summer packed full of activities.  I did a lot of idea hunting on Pinterest and came upon an idea to create a summer fun list.

Our summer fun list is full of ideas for our family.  Parks, food, art, and creativity are all on the list.  When we do something they can even check it off to make it more interactive for my girls.  I have made ours specific to things we have done in the past and new ideas we are planning on doing.  I even included things for  our planned cruise.  Over the past few days I have asked the girls what they were interested in doing this summer and included those too.  I think it will be super fun to see what we have accomplished by the end of this summer and of course most of these will be fantastic picture opportunities!


Tallulah’s Room

I finally set to it and finished Tallulah’s room about a month ago.  Life got in the way and I didn’t get to write up a post about it yet, but I am making the time today.   I wanted Tallulah’s room to be completely different than both of her sister’s rooms.  Olivia has ballet slipper pink color walls and Sophia has an aquamarine color.  The bright pop of color in Heather Bailey’s fabrics were just what I needed against the butter yellow walls we had painted for Tallulah’s room.  I have been in LOVE with Heather Bailey’s fabrics from her Pop Garden line and had purchased the fabric over time to use in Tallulah’s baby room.

I loved the look of the green Pottery Barn Kids furniture I had seen in their store but as everyone knows PBK is seriously expensive.  I decided against buying them and instead asked my mom if she still had my furniture from when I was little.  She kept the furniture for me all this time.  It was my great grandmothers furniture set as a child and she wanted to hand it down to me.  It took me about a week, my electric sander, primer, and 2 cans of paint to get it the way I wanted.  It was originally a light cherry and now it is a muted green.  I have the 4 poster twin bed to paint to match once Tallulah grows into a big girl bed.  I am so happy I decided to use this furniture.  It means so much to me and I hope it will mean just as much to Tallulah when she has children of her own one day.

I bought the fantastic handmade quilt on Etsy before Tallulah was born made from Heather Bailey fabric also.  This is the link to the store, Carolina Patchworks, on Etsy I bought the quilt from in the picture below. Carolina Patchworks Quilt Patterns by Emily by CarolinaPatchworks.  I found the idea for the hoops with the fabric in them on Pinterest.  The prints in Tallulah’s room are from The Wheatfield on Etsy too.  I just love all of her artwork.  The link to the store is here The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy by thewheatfield on Etsy.

Sunshine, Sand, and a Cupcake – Tallulah’s First Birthday Cake Smash

I could not wait for my youngest daughter Tallulah to turn one so I could set up her cake smash.  Since it rained on her birthday I could not do her circus cake smash like I had planned.  Instead a week or so later we headed to the beach and had her cake smash in the sand dunes at sunset.  I LOVE how it turned out!  I can just smell the beach, sand, and sunshine when I look at her photos from that evening.  The lopsided cupcake, the sprinkles, and ruffles all set the stage for a fun time in the sand.  Tallulah loves to eat cake and she went to town on that cupcake.  Wasn’t it the perfect cupcake for a birthday beach session?  Especially with the cherry on top.  It didn’t even stand a chance with her.  I had to even take away some of it because she was determined to eat the whole thing, silly girl!  The only time she cried was when I tried to make her wait a second before eating it for some pictures and of course when she flung a whole clump of sand in her face.  Once she got a taste of that cupcake though all was forgotten.

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Pink Sunset and White Wildflowers – A Sunset Mini With My Girls

Last week I had a few extra minutes to go location hunting.  I had my eyes on a few spots and wanted to get a little closer to see what they had to offer.  I found this one super close to my house.  I knew immediately that I was getting my girls in some dresses and head out a little before sunset to try it out.  I couldn’t pass up those white wildflowers.  I have no idea what they are called, but they are just darling.  They add a magical touch to these pictures.

Tallulah wasn’t up for the challenge so she stayed home with daddy and I set out with Olivia and Sophia.  They were scouting with me and couldn’t wait to see the flowers up close.  We made a deal that they would get to explore for a little while  if I could get some pictures of them first.  I love these pictures and they turned out exactly how I set them up in my mind that afternoon.  I love the background and scenery because it is our natural setting around our neighborhood.  I love living in Central Florida and all the beauty it has to offer as a backdrop.  A location can look completely different in a photo depending on the time of day and the light.  This evening there was a misty cloud deck right before sunset that peeked out radiant pink light every few minutes.  It was a fun evening for me and my girls.

A Morning Tea Party for Lucy and Sophie

I was super excited to put together a tea party for Lucy and Sophie for their session with me.  I gathered up all of my stuff, packed up the car, and set out for an early morning in a wide open field for a tea party shoot.  I had heard that Sophie might be a little hard to get to warm up to the camera, so i was hoping the tea party would make it more fun for the girls.  Lucy had a ton of fun and Sophie eventually did too with a little love and hugs from her mommy.

Here are some of my favorites from my session with Lucy and Sophie.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

The Moreira Family – An Afternoon In Lake Mary

I was happy to meet with the Moreira family in Lake Mary last Saturday for an afternoon session in Liberty Park.  They were such a sweet and friendly family and we had a great time capturing some memories in the afternoon sunshine.  Liberty Park was quiet and peaceful and we found a nice spot by the tall pine trees that let some sunshine peek in from behind the trees.  I love afternoon sessions with back lighting from the sun through the trees.  It brings such a nice pop of color to the pictures.  Here are some of my favorites from the session.