The Junod Family

I was so excited to be able to meet up with the Junod family for a session again.  I met sweet little Mallory when she was only 8 weeks old for her Easter Mini Session.  She has grown up so much and was ready for her 6 month session with me and her family last weekend.  We met in Baldwin Park at the beautiful lake and soaked up the morning sunshine for their session.  Mallory wanted her mommy and daddy in most of the pictures with her this time and they were happy dance around and play with her for the camera.  I must say that being able to photograph clients growing up is such an honor.  It is so fun to see them grow up in front of the camera.  Here are some of my favorites from our session.


The Cohen Family

Last week I got to spend my morning with little cutie Quinn and her parents.  We had a great time capturing memories in a beautiful location in Baldwin Park.  It was a beautiful morning with a slight breeze to take the humidity edge off.  Quinn definitely didn’t mind stripping down to her adorable bloomers for some fun 9 month old pictures.  These are a few of my favorites from our session.

A Girl And Her Love For Vintage

It shouldn’t surprise me too much that my Olivia loves shopping at the vintage markets with me.  She is from my family after all.  I know I grew up being dragged all over Mt. Dora and even up and down the east coast looking for vintage finds when I was little.  Olivia finds it fun and wants everything.  Sophia could care less.  We will have to wait and see what Tallulah really thinks about our trips to the vintage market and fairs.

The other week we went out to Renninger’s for their Antique Garden Fair and Olivia found this beautiful hat.  She was so proud of her find and couldn’t wait for me to be able to take her pictures in it.  She is absolutely fascinated that someone probably wore it for her wedding one day.  Here is what we were up to yesterday evening.  I have got to say I love having such beautiful models available anytime for my photography whims.

Sunset At The Beach With The Durrwachter Family

I love the beach at sunset.  I was more than happy to meet with the Durrwachter’s at the beach, at sunset, on a gorgeous evening, at the pier.  It is one of my top 5 places to have a session.  Flagler Beach specifically has such pretty colors to the sand.  I should have taken a picture of Tallulah though.  By the end of the session she was covered head to toe in sand keeping busy playing with daddy while I took pictures.  Here are just a few of my favorites from my evening with the Durrwachter’s.

The MacGillivary Family

It was so much fun getting to meet with the MacGillivary Family for an afternoon session.  I was very honored that they drove all the way over from Tampa for some family photos.  It was fun catching up with Katie since we went to college together.  She has such a wonderful family and Liam is just such a cutie pie.  Here are some of my favorite photos from our evening session in the gardens.

Baby Gianna

Oh how I love when I get to photograph newborns.  They are just so tiny and precious.  Baby Gianna was no exception.  Even at 6 weeks old she was perfect for her session with me.  Here are some of my favorites from my morning with the Cassidy Family.