Tallulah’s First Birthday – A Vintage Circus Party

I have been waiting for years to do a vintage circus themed party for one of my girls.  My older girls had different ideas for their parties this year so I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my Tallulah’s 1st birthday this year.  I had originally planned for the party to be outside, but the weather did not cooperate for us at all.  I am glad I adapted the party for inside because in the middle of the party a huge storm blew through.  That would have really put a damper on everything if it was outside.

Since the party was inside I had to cut a lot of my original plans.  I couldn’t do a photo booth and I couldn’t use a lot of the decorations I had planned.  We made it work with my space inside and had a lot of fun anyways.  My mom, sister, and I made custom party hats, decorations, and top hats for my three girls.  I ordered clown noses for the kids and all of the cakes, goodies, and food were home made by me and my mom.

I made the circus party hats and Tallulah’s birthday invitation using Rhonna Farrer’s Spring Circus kit.  You can find the kit here Spring Circus Bundle.  I just love it and it fit perfectly into my theme. Here is the front of the invitation.

Tallulah's first birthday invitation, circus theme, kit by Rhonna Farrer Designs.

Here are the hats we made for all of the children at the party.

I made Tallulah a smash cake by baking a cake in a tomato can.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and was excited to try it.  I took two large tomato cans and wrapped the bottoms with foil.  I baked one with red tinted batter and one with plain batter.  Then I sliced the layers into 4 total layers that I stacked in red and white striped layers.  Here was her smash cake before the party.

When I found this Art Panel Print by Papaya art a few weeks ago I knew I had to have it for the party.  It was perfect and I can put it in Tallulah’s room so that she can have it growing up.  I based my cake and cupcake table around the print.  You can find the print online here www.papayaart.com – BigDealArtPanelPrint.html.  I found it locally on a day trip to Mt. Dora at a shop called High Falootin’ Junk.  It is a really cute shop in downtown Mt. Dora.  This is the link to the shop High Falootin’ Junk | just a bunch a good ol’ junk.  Here are the pictures of the cake table.

I really had to make a conscious effort to put down the camera and focus on enjoying my baby’s 1st birthday party.  I wanted to live in the moment and not spend the entire party behind the camera.  Luckily I got my mom to take pictures while we opened Tallulah’s presents.  I set my Nikon on auto and told her to fire away.  I did manage to get some pictures during the party, but not nearly a fraction of what I would have liked.  Then again I am happy I spent the time with my family instead.  Here are some pictures from the party.  Tallulah had a fantastic time and I am so happy everyone showed up despite the impending weather.  I didn’t get pictures of everyone and for that I am sorry, but I had a fantastic time being mommy instead.


My Living Room Wall Is Finished!

I finally finished my black and white photo gallery on my living room wall.  This was no easy task and I seriously dwelled on what photos to put in the big frames.  We have been in the new house for over 6 months and it was time to bite the bullet and just pick them.  The problem is that I love them all.  Each picture I take of my family has a memory, story, or special moment caught in them.  It was very hard to narrow them down into 58 frames, haha.  But seriously it was for me.  I signed up for an account with a professional lab so I had them print up my large prints for me and they arrived today.  I couldn’t get them in the frames fast enough.  Once I made the decision and ordered the prints those 5 frames that were left were hanging up there naked needed to be filled as soon as possible.  I must say it feels good to finally have that project complete.  One of many for sure….

I have been collecting black frames for quite some time.  When I saw a clearance sale, dinged up ones even can be fixed with a sharpie gasp, I snatched them up.  I also scooped up a lot of them at IKEA at a great sale they had on the matted frames.  The two largest frames were a fantastic deal, but didn’t come with the mats.  I just ordered the size mats I wanted on Amazon.

Once I had all the frames I wanted to use I laid them all on the floor and set to work mapping them out.  Once I did I snapped pictures with my Iphone for future reference.  Then I measured the exact measurements around the outside of all the frames on the floor as a group.  I then used painters tape and put the tape on the outside edges of the rectangle onto the  wall.  Once I had the tape up I used my Iphone and set to work hanging the pictures up based on my floor photos I snapped.  When all of the frames were up I just had to peel off the painters tape and it was done!  Well all except the 5 empty frames that have been hanging up there on the wall for 6 months…

Here is the finished product!  Now can anyone tell me how to keep all of these frames straight?  I even have rubber stoppers on the corners and they still move every time one of my girls shuts their bedroom doors on the other side of the wall.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We had a fun morning here at the Merkler household.  I love making holidays special for my little girls so I stayed up late last night getting their breakfast table ready for them when they woke up.  My husband and I bought each of the girls a bouquet of sweet pink roses and then I also put together a bag of Valentine goodies.  I love that they were so excited to see their Valentine breakfast table.

I also stayed up late making the girls their Valentine’s for school.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and I had to jump on the bandwagon and do it for my girls too.  This is how they turned out.  The girls couldn’t wait to hand them out to their classmates today.  I used a template from Dear Emmie and they can be found here, Valentine Card Templates!!! » Dear Emmie.

Here are some pictures from this morning.  They aren’t the best since it was still dark when we had breakfast.  They still capture how happy my girls were to have their special Valentine breakfast with their roses.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day too.

Sophia’s Vintage Party Photo Booth

As soon as I decided on Sophia’s party theme as vintage and shabby chic I knew I wanted to have a photo booth too.  I wanted to make the photo booth fun and an activity for the kids at the party.  I set to work making the props.

The first step was to make the thought bubbles.  It was actually really easy to do.  First, I found chalk board contact paper on Amazon.com.  Then I set out to my local craft store and got some black foam board.  I used black foam board so that it matched the chalk board contact paper.  The contact paper is self-adhesive so all I had to do was slowly take the backing off while smoothing it onto the foam board with a ruler.  I let the contact paper adhere overnight and then used a piece of chalk to outline my bubbles.  Once I had them the way I liked I just cut them out with my Martha craft knife.

I was super lucky and found funny mustaches at Michaels in the dollar bins.  I just glued them to some black felt and cut them out.  Once they dried I super glued a wooden dowel to them.  I also printed up a red paper I made in Photoshop and cut out some funny lips and glued them to wooden dowels.

My mom had a vintage chenille peacock bedspread that was perfect for the backdrop.  The colors looked beautiful with the afternoon sun in the background.  The kids had a great time deciding on what they wanted their bubbles to say.  Here is the finished product.

Sophia’s Shabby Chic Birthday Party Crowns

When I started planning Sophia’s 5th birthday I asked her what she wanted her party to be like.  She would only tell me pretty.  She insisted it should be a very pretty party.  She has also been on this kick lately that we need to go on a picnic.  I combined those ideas and created her shabby chic vintage inspired birthday party.

I was very behind with the planning of this party, but luckily with my mom and sister’s help we got it accomplished.  I decided to axe the traditional favors bag and instead hand make each of the children coming to the party a one of a kind paper crown.  Of course once my mom and I sat down to make these crowns we couldn’t just make them simple.  That is just not our style.  Instead,  we got both of our sewing machines out on my dining room table and set to work.  We both have quite a scrapbooking stash and ribbon collection so the only items I had to actually purchase to make the crowns was crepe paper.

I embellished some of the crowns with crepe paper rosettes.  Crepe paper rosettes are both pretty and cost efficient.  I used the same technique I use to make fabric rosettes and then hot glued the back to secure them.  We also discovered that you can sew crepe paper with the sewing machine through trial and error.  We just bunched it up as we sewed through the middle for a ruffled effect or sewed along the top for a way to make them into large flowers.

Here are the finished products.  It was a fun project and it gave the party a whimsical look in the photos.