Baby Gianna

Oh how I love when I get to photograph newborns.  They are just so tiny and precious.  Baby Gianna was no exception.  Even at 6 weeks old she was perfect for her session with me.  Here are some of my favorites from my morning with the Cassidy Family.


Baby Emma

I hope everyone is ready for a dose of cuteness today because I am about to introduce you to sweet baby Emma.  I had the lovely privilege of taking baby Emma’s newborn pictures last weekend.  She is just so sweet and precious.  It took us around an hour to get this girlie to sleep once she got here.  She just wanted to be awake after her car ride, but I pulled out my bag of tricks and got her into a deep sleep.  Once she was fast asleep, thanks to the white noise playing, heat cranked up to 82 degrees, space heater, and extreme patience, I set to work.  I just love, love, love taking newborn pictures.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Baby Amelia

I want to share some of my favorite pictures I was able to take of my newborn niece Amelia when she was born in 2011.  She was born before I had my business up and running, but I was already practicing.  She was teeny tiny and only weighed just under 5 pounds.  She has grown so much since then it is hard to believe she was once that itty bitty.

Baby Mia

I had such a wonderful time taking sweet baby Mia’s photos.  I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from her shoot. I definitely want to thank her mom and dad for letting me practice my newborn photography skills with her.

And for the last one………a precious baby smile.