Connor and Bella are next in line with a look into their session at the Christmas Tree Farm.  I love that they came out in their matching pajamas ready for milk and cookies in the Christmas trees.  All of the kids loved the milk and cookies so much.  The only hard thing was to hold them off from eating them long enough to get some pictures before in!  I really need to get my own girls out there sometime this week for their pictures.

Here are some of my faves from Connor and Bella’s session.

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What is better than taking pictures of two little, adorable, sweet little girls?  Taking pictures of two little, adorable, sweet little girls that happen to have a mama that is a friend and was a college roomate!  I was so thrilled to finally meet Camaryn and Danielle.  I fell instantly in love with them and it was like no time had passed between Liz and I.  It is true that life gets in the way sometimes and people move, but a true friend will always be one.  Love ya Liz!

Alright enough of the sappy stuff, there are enough Hallmark movies on right now to get your fill of that.   Here are Camaryn and Danielle for you to fall in love with too.Web Winter_3-3 Web Winter_4-4 Web Winter_7-7 Web Winter_9-9 Web Winter_11-11 Web Winter_13-13 Web Winter_15 Web Winter_16-16 Web Winter_19-19 Web Winter_22-22 Web Winter_24-24 Web Winter_27-27 Web Winter_31-31 Web Winter_33-33 Winter_1 Web Winter_2 Web

Quinn at the Christmas Tree Farm I Holiday Mini Session

Quinn came out to the Christmas tree farm to meet me for a mini session too.  I love seeing her grow before the camera.  I have been lucky to take her pictures 3 times this year.  Her pajamas were too cute!  She needed a little while to warm up this time so we got some family shots in while she remembered who I was.  Web_Cohen_22-22 Web_Cohen_21-21 Web_Cohen_20-20 Web_Cohen_14-14 Web_Cohen_9-9 Web_Cohen_10-10 Web_Cohen_16-16 Web_Cohen_11-11 Web_Cohen_12-12 Web_Cohen_13-13 Web_Cohen_5-5

Mia and Lily I Christmas Mini Session At The Tree Farm

I think it is time to spice up the blog with some Christmas sessions!  I was so excited to have an afternoon of mini sessions at the Christmas tree farm this year.  I couldn’t wait to set up a styled mini session afternoon at the tree farm.  It was so much fun!  All of the children especially loved the milk and cookies.  I love how the sessions came out.  Here is Mia and Lily’s and a few of my favorites from their mini session.  These girls are just so cute!

The fabulous hair accessories are by Birdie Baby Boutique on Etsy and the Silent Night Wood sign is by Go Jump in the Lake on Etsy.

Christmas Mini Session at the Tree Farm

Christmas Mini Session at the Tree Farm

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I had a great mini session with the Booth family!  They were so much fun and we managed to keep Sophie happy the whole time.  That was quite an accomplishment.  It was so good to catch up with this wonderful family.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session last weekend.


I was super excited to be able to finally meet Jackson!  He is another baby boy that I was able to photograph in his mamma’s belly last year.  His family is back in town all the way from Switzerland and we met up to get some pictures of totally adorable Jackson.  You will fall in love with his big blue eyes just like I did.  We even got some pictures in his UCF onesie!  You know I am a fan.  GO UCF!

My Little Red Riding Hood

Sophia has middle child syndrome right now.  For real, it is a tad silly.  She is not starving for attention at all I promise.  However, I decided to give her a post of her own this time.  This year for Halloween I wanted to stick to a woodland theme.  I have seen a few pictures of Red Riding Hood that sparked my interest and I went from there.  Tallulah’s favorite animal right now is the owl…..perfect.  Liv was a hard sell.  She wanted to be a witch or vampire, but since Tallulah is just 18 months and it is her first real Halloween I did not want anything to scare her.  So after much convincing Olivia agreed to be a woodland fairy, thank goodness.  I got my mom on board and we set out for many trips to Hobby Lobby, JoAnnes, and Michaels.  I love making their costumes and I even get the girls involved.  It means so much more to them than just heading to a scary Halloween store and buying a flimsy costume.

So here is Sophia, the middle child, in her fabulous costume!

Pumpkin Minis – Madeline at the Pumpkin Patch

This is the first of a few pumpkin patch blogs that I will be sharing over the next few days.  It was absolutely perfect weather for a day of pumpkin patch pictures!  Well at least for Central Florida that is.  It didn’t rain spontaneously and it was low humidity so I call that a win for mid-October!  It also didn’t make it miserable for the kids to be dressed up in their fall colored outfits which typically include long sleeves or jeans.  I must say that all of the kids looked absolutely adorable in their pumpkin patch outfits too!

Madeline was too cute in her outfit and she had fun checking out the pumpkins.  Here are a few of my favorites from her mini session.